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Kathie Donovan
Kathie Donovan Training Consultant, Motivational Speaker
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Business Description

Kathie Donovan is an author, speaker, coach, trainer and broadcaster. She is the former co-host and co-producer of CTV Ottawa’s Regional Contact.

Her mission now is to help our world evolve in the direction of more good, more kind, more positive and more courage. She does this through her books, workshops, presentations, training and coaching sessions.

Kathie is the celebrated author of two self-published books Inspiration in Action: A Woman’s Guide to Happiness and Unconform: Harnessing the Radical Power of Courage. In her books, Kathie helps us unpack the idea of fear as a dominant force in our lives and emboldens us to use courage as our guide to living a more fulfilling life.

 Kathie’s work is a call to action to stretch what’s possible, so that you can live a beautiful life of your own design.