Business over Breakfast - Terms & Conditions of Membership

The Following Terms and conditions apply to BoB clubs operated by:

  • Business over Breakfast Ltd T/A BoB Clubs 
       and the following authorised licence operators/JV Partners including:
  • Business over Breakfast (North-West) Ltd (Lancashire, Cheshire & Gtr Manchester)
  • Coachworkz Inc (in Canada)
  • 1458837 Alberta Ltd (in Alberta, Canada)
  • BoB Business Services LLP (in India)
  • Networking South East Ltd T/A BoB clubs SE (Kent, Surrey & Kent)
  • 121 Networking Ltd (Suffolk/Nth Essex)
  • BoB Clubs BC
  • Business over Breakfast South West Ltd (Devon)
  • BoB Clubs Texas LLC
  • BoB Clubs Ireland Ltd

Additional or slightly different T&C's may apply at BoB clubs that are run by the above licence/franchise operators or countrty directors to take into account that different terms and conditions may be required due to different legal requirements in those countries.

It is important that all members, visitors from our other clubs and guests arrive 5 to 15 minutes before the meeting commences. The starting time of each club could vary. Late comers tend to disrupt the flow of the meeting.

All members agree and understand that all BoB club meet on a Fortnightly/Bi-weekly basis and that for BoB clubs to work, it is important that all members attend the breakfast meetings as often as possible. We understand that every member has a business to run and a life to lead but attendance is crucial to the success of every club. If you can't attend please try to send somebody to stand in for you if possible. It is important that we know how many members, visitors from other clubs and guests are attending so that we can inform each venue BEFORE we turn up on the day. Please contact either the Chairperson or club steward to inform them if you are unable to attend. The Chairperson will assume that you will attend every meeting unless you inform otherwise. In the event of long term absenteeism, the directors of the above listed companies will decide if a member will be allowed to continue their membership or if they will be asked to resign so that a new member can take over their exclusive position. Should any member have attendance of less than 65% over any given 6 month period or miss 4 consecutive meetings without good reason we reserve the right to terminate their membership. Members who are aware that they will be unable to attend for a greater period than this must  inform the Regional Director or Head Office as soon as possible. Based upon the circumstances of the upcoming expected absenteeism, the Regional director will then decide if they will hold that members place open for them or if not. No refund of membership fees will be made.

Membership Fees
Members are required to pay a one off registration fee on application to join an existing club or a club in formation. Annual membership fees are payable in advance upon invoice. Fees are NON REFUNDABLE on receipt of membership application and subsequent membership acceptance. Members who pay the one-off registration fee are also agreeing to pay the annual membership fee upon invoice and within 14 days.

Visitors and Guests
Visitors are allowed to visit a BoB club on two occasions before they decide to take up membership. Visitors are allowed to take part in the Referral Generation programme. They are also allowed to give referrals to any member of the club. Visitors should not be given referrals as this would be unfair to members who have paid their membership fees. If a visitor attending a meeting is found to conflict with an existing member, both parties should be notified before the commencement of the structured part of the meeting. The visitor will be allowed to be part of the meeting, however, if there is a serious conflict of profession or services offered, the visitor will be asked to be respectful thoughout the meeting to the encumbent member and the relationship they will have established with their fellow members. An alternative club will then be sourced (where available) for the visitor to attend in the future 

Club Structure
Directors of the above listed companies reserve the right to create, suspend/postpone clubs or meetings or close individual clubs; to change venues, meeting times, frequency and the day that club/s meet. However, the views of all members will be taken into consideration before any changes are made. Business over Breakfast Ltd offer places to individuals NOT companies and reserve the right to not accept a person other than the business owner as a replacement for the original member. Business over Breakfast Ltd reserves the right to replace a member at the end of their current year membership and not offer renewal of membership. Business over Breakfast Ltd reserve the right to ask a member to leave their club if complaints are received from other members of the club about any members behaviour towards any other member or any visitor or should they provide a bad service or poor quality product. Business over Breakfast reserve the right to cancel any members annual membership should that member's attendance level be unacceptable. Membership fees are non refundable in all instances. Membership renewal is by invitation and is not automatic.

You agree that you will not attempt to form (or promote to members of any BoB club), membership to a new referral based/business group/club/chapter that will compete with any BoB club (be that club/s be existing club/s, club/s that are In formation, planned club/s or club/s that may have been suspended) for a minimum period of 12 months from the expiry of your membership at any BoB club/s. You also agree that you will not join or register for any business club/group/chapter that has been or is being formed by any current or former BoB clubs Regional Director and/or Area Director and/or Area Coordinator and/or licence operator and/or JV partner for a minimum period of 12 months from the expiry/termination date of your membership at a BoB club/s. You also agree that you will not promote membership of any other networking club/group/chapter (apart from another BoB club) to members or visitors of any BoB club that you are a member of, either at meetings or outside of meetings by any method be it verbal or by any other means of communication. This does not stop you becoming a member of any other existing networking club ie: BNI, BRX, NRG etc However, joining multiple clubs could damage your credibility and/or the amount of referrals that you give or receive. You further agree not to undermine the credibility or damage the morale of members of your BoB club, our Regional Directors, Area Directors, Area Coordinators or any member of the leadership team of any BoB club, by means of verbal and/or written and/or electronic communications. All members agree that they will not use innappropriate language, make sexist, racist, zenophobic, homophobic comments or comments regarding any religion. We reserve the right to suspend any member's membership if we consider that our Terms & Conditions have been contravened if we believe that any member's behaviour has been unacceptable allowing for a full enquiry to be carried out. We then also reserve the right to terminate the membership of any member who we believe contravenes these T&C's. Membership may be reinstated at the discretion of the above operating company and/or by the directors of Business over Breakfast Ltd after a full enquiry has been carried out.

Membership is offered on the understanding that the member agrees that they will only promote their allocated business category at club meetings and to members of their club outside of meetings. Any member found to be promoting any other business category/categories will be asked to cease and should any member continue promoting other products and/or services at club meetings or outside of the meetings to members of their club; their membership will be terminated. No refunds will be offered in this situation. Multi-disciplinary businesses (for example law firms/Solicitors who have multiple service offerings) wishing to join a club can be represented in either of the following two ways; by buying separate memberships for each discipline, or a single membership where a member may be substituted occasionally by a colleague to present other disciplines. The disciplines must be agreed by the club leadership team and the Regional Director beforehand. Companies may not be represented by more than one employee at the same meeting. BoB clubs are structured so that a Leadership team made up from the club membership are collectively able to run meetings, adminsiter their club and market the club utilising the online training and online tools that are provided by BoB clubs Head Office. This means that once a club has been launched the Area Coordinater/Area Director/Regional Director is not required to attend every club meeting.

BoB Clubs, Regional Director and/or Area Director and/or Area Coordinator must always be involved in all decision making processes. BoB Clubs, Regional Director and/or Area Director and/or Area Coordinator is responsible for negotiating with venues and no changes can be made by the club without authorisation. Any decisions taken without the approval of the Regional Director and/or Area Director and/or Area Coordinator can be over over-ridden by the Regional Director and/or Area Director and/or Area Coordinator.

The selection of the leadership team, whose role is to run the clubs, is the responsibility of BoB Clubs Regional Director and/or Area Director and/or Area Coordinator. There is no fixed time for any role within the club and BoB Clubs, Regional Director and/or Area Director and/or Area Coordinator will advise accordingly.

Meeting/Breakfast Fees - Are charged separately to membership and should be paid on arrival at each meeting, in advance or by Standing Order. It is likely that after a club has officaily launched that all members will be asked to setup up a monthly standing order or Direct Debit to apy each months breakfast fees in advance. Any member who fails to pay membership/breakfast fees will have their membership terminated. No refunds against membership will be made in these circumstances. Should any member confirm that they will be attending a meeting and then fail to attend that meeting, we reserve the right to charge for the member for the meeting/s that they missed. Failure to pay could result in the member being suspended or expelled from the club.

All members pay the same for membership. The only discount is as follows. For each visitor that a member introduces to a club, who subsequently joins any local BoB club; the introducing member will receive a voucher valued at £20 ($50 in Canada or the USA) which can only be used towards the existing members following year's membership renewal. The voucher is non-transferable and has no monetary value. Vouchers can only be redeemed against membership renewal if the payment is received by the membership expiry date, vouchers against membership renewal received after the membership expiry date will not be accepted and will be null and void.

Refunds Policy
Our refunds policy forms part of our Terms and Conditions and can be viewed here >> Refunds Policy

Membership Fees
All new members who pay the one-off registration fee to secure their exclusive place at a BoB club that is 'In Formation' are also aggreeing to pay their annual membership fee upon invoice. Should a member who registered for a club In Formation subsequently decide that they do not wish to continue as a member will be subject to the following charges:

Cancellation of membership:

  • Cancellation of membership up to 4 months before the launch date        - 15% of membership fee is payable
  • Cancellation of membership less than 3 months before the launch date - 30% of membership fee is payable
  • Cancellation of membership less than 2 months before the launch date - 60% of membership fee is payable
  • Cancellation of membership less than 1 months before the launch date - 90% of membership fee is payable - this 90% payment also applies to any member who pays the registration fee to reserve their exclusive place at an existing club and then fails to pay the invoice for their first year membership.

From time to time it is possible that some clubs may fail to launch within 9 months of the first member/s signing up and paying their registration fee/s. Should the Regional Director decide that the group is not growing sufficiently enough to make it a viable proposition for the members who have already signed up, then it is the responsibility of any member who signed up between nine (9) and ten (10) months earlier to submit a claim for a repayment of the registration fee. Should a claim not be submitted between the 9th and 10th months after the date of the first meeting the new member attended as a member after their payment had been made we will assume that the member is prepared to wait until the club is officially launched. From time to time a club may lose members making operating that club unsustainable under the current format. In these circumstances that club's status will revert to a club 'In formation' and the above conditions relating to it will apply. Any outstanding membership will be added to the 12 month term upon receipt of payment of the annual membership.

Please Note: founder members will only be eligible for a refund of registration fees if they have attended a minimum of 80% of the pre-launch meetings

Transfer between clubs
In the event of a member requesting to be transferred from the club they joined to another club during or at the end of their membership period or during pre launch period of a club that is In Formation, we reserve the right to refuse this request. However, if we do agree to this request, the member will be asked to pay an Administration fee of £50 (or equivalant in other countries). In the event of a member requesting to be transferred between clubs that are operated under licence by a different Licencee, Franchise operator or a club under the control of Head Office an amount equal to the remaining period of membership is chargeable. The transfer of membership from one club to another can only be authorised by the Regional Director, Country Director or Head Office and will only be allowed if there have been significant changes in the member's circumstances. It is extremely important that members see through their commitment to their original club and members within that club. If there are exceptional circumstances to warrant a transfer and the member has less than 6 months membership remaining, that member will be required to make a commitment of a further 12 months membership to show commitment to the new club.

Transfer of membership
Membership is non transferrable. Should a company wish to replace a member of staff with another member of staff in a BoB club this will be considered by cannot be guaranteed. Should a transfer of membership be granted we reserve the right to charge an administration fee of £50 (or equivalant in other countries) In the event of a member wanting to transfer to another club, we reserve the right to request a payment equal to the membership period used up at the original club giving them a full 12 months membership at the club that they are transferring to. However, if there is three months or less of the membership remaining at the original club we resereve the right to charge for a full 12 month membership at the club that the member is being transferred to. In this instance the remaining membership will be added to the 12 months membership.

Change of Business category
Should any member request a change of business category, we reserve the right to refuse this request. However, if we do agree to this request we also reserve the right to charge an Administration fee of £50 (or equivalant in other countries). Unless the request is made by an existing member whilst the club is In Formation, before the official launch of the club and that no other member already occupies that business category, no charge will be made.

All prices quoted exclude VAT (or equivalant taxes in other countries)

Members agree that their contact details including phone numbers (but excluding their email adress which is not visable on the website to stop robots spamming our members), personal photograph and company logo can be displayed on the relevant website in each country. This information is automtically removed when a member is deleted. No unauthorised use (or data scraping) of any content from any of our websites (including, but not limited to member details, photographs, profiles, meetings, venues, maps etc) on external websites is allowed without our express permission being granted. Legal action will be taken against the owner of any websites using data from any of our websites including

The above Terms and Conditions supersede all previous Terms an Conditions