Hereford BoB club

Club Information

The Bay Horse Inn
236 Kings Acre Rd


Contact:Richard Frazer

This new club will open for business as soon as we have a minimum of 12 signed up members. To secure your exclusive place all you have to do is download the application form from the JOIN page of this website and pay the one-off registration fee of £95+VAT. (Annual membership fee of £295+VAT payable 10 days before club opens)

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Upcoming club meetings

Vacancies at this club

Current vacancies at our Hereford include:

  • IFA in Hereford
  • Accountant in Hereford
  • Solicitor in Hereford
  • Photographer in Hereford
  • Graphic Designer in Hereford
  • Printer in Hereford
  • Mortgage Broker in Hereford
  • Insurance Broker in Hereford
  • IT Support company in Hereford
  • Business Coach in Hereford
  • Builder in Hereford
  • Electrician in Hereford
  • SEO Consultant in Hereford
  • HR Consultant in Hereford
  • Event Organiser in Hereford
  • PR Consultant in Hereford
  • Stationery Supplier in Hereford
  • Cleaning company in Hereford
  • ...and many more exclusive places available

Members of this club

Richard Frazer
BoB Clubs International Limited