Droitwich Club Members

Andy Dyer
Mobile Apps
Beth Collett
Chamber of Commerce
Caroline Butcher
NLP Master Practitioner
Christian Sample
Business Technology
Christopher Newbould
Computer Hardware & Thermal printing
Claire Sargant
Legal Services/Solicitor
Elaine Meredith
Gin Distillery
Gary Smith
Hadleigh Burns
Helen Murray
Insolvency Consultant
Ian Cooney
Will Writing Service
Jo Morgan
Marketing Services
Jonathan Brook
High School
Keith Hearnshaw
Residential/Business Utilities
Larry Brangwyn
Digital Marketing
Laura Goodwin
Financial Adviser
Mark Hanson
Matt McVeigh
Mortgages & Insurance (Personal & Business)
Area Coordinator
Mike Jones
Health and Fitness
Neill Hall
Travel Consultant
Phil Fox
Sales & Presentation Training & Coaching
Phil Phelan
Rachel Green
virtual/freelance business support
Social Media Manager
Richard Frazer
Vehicle & Asset Finance
Regional Director
Richard Waltier
Commercial Insurance
Sacha Elsey
Education & Training
Simon Martin
Energy Consultant
Tristan Benjamin
Network Marketing/Health & Wellness
Tyna Collins
Property Designer & Developer
Will Kerton
Dairy Farm
Visitor Host