Dartmouth BoB club

Club Information

The Royal Castle Hotel
11 The Quay,


Contact:Geoff Cox AC

This business networking club in Dartmouth meets every two weeks on a Wednesday. We have a core of members who are active and well-established within the town and work accross a range of key sectors.

We are currently looking for like-minded people to join the club and fill the Vacancies advertised on this page.

This group is aimed to be a focal point for local Business people in Dartmouth who want to better connect with the local Business Community, and also benefit from referrals from other members.

Meetings are not overly formal, but structured in a way which maximises the time spent together, and always finish by 9am to let you get back to your day's work.

If you need more Business, or just want to engage with others, then get in touch and book on as a visitor.

We look forward to meeting you,

Alan Depledge - Area Coordinator


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Upcoming club meetings

There are no scheduled meetings for this club.

This BoB club is in formation and we are currently looking for founding members to secure their exclusive places so that the club can officially launch when we have 12 members. To secure your place all you have to do is pay the one-off registration fee. Annual membership becomes due when the club reaches 12 members and this is when your 12 months membership will commence.

Please send us an enquiry to find out more.


Vacancies at this club

This established BoB club is still looking for additional members, including:

  • Business Banking Representative
  • Business Growth Coach
  • Copywrighter in Dartmouth
  • Marketing Specialist in Dartmouth
  • Printer in Dartmouth
  • Plumber in Dartmouth
  • Photographer in Dartmouth
  • Catering Company in Dartmouth
  • Filmmaker in Dartmouth
  • Personal Trainer in Dartmouth
  • Builder in Dartmouth
  • Electrician in Dartmouth
  • Marine Engineer in Dartmouth
  • HR Consultant in Dartmouth