Burton upon Trent BoB club

Club Information

Branston Golf Club
Burton Road
Burton on Trent
DE14 3DP
DE14 3DP


Contact:Geoff Cox AC

This club will meet every TWO weeks. We plan to open this club in the near future and we are currently looking for founder members and an Area Coordinator to ensure the success of the club.

If you have never been to a B-2-B network meeting before OR if you are a member of any other networking group. Come along to one of our other clubs to see how we do things. Just click on Meetings on  www.bobclubs.com and book to go along as a guest (all you do is pay for your breakfast around £10 dependant on venue).

This club will meet every TWO weeks To secure your place at any BoB club all you need to do is pay the one off Registration fee of £95+VAT. Once your have registered as a member you will earn a 1 month free membership voucher for each new member that you sponsor.

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Upcoming club meetings

There are no scheduled meetings for this club.

This BoB club is in formation and we are currently looking for founding members to secure their exclusive places so that the club can officially launch when we have 12 members. To secure your place all you have to do is pay the one-off registration fee. Annual membership becomes due when the club reaches 12 members and this is when your 12 months membership will commence.

Please send us an enquiry to find out more.


Vacancies at this club

  • IFA in Burton
  • Accountant in Burton
  • Solicitor in Burton
  • Web Designer in Burton
  • Printer in Burton
  • Will writer in Burton
  • Insurance Broker in Burton
  • Utility Warehouse in Burton
  • IT Support in Burton
  • Mortgage Broker in Burton
  • and many more......

Members of this club

Alex Morton
Q Financial Services Ltd