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Contact:Ritika Chopra

BoB Clubs a new and dynamic Business Networking Club will be opening in Bangalore by the beginning of 2012. Our goals are to bring togethter the vast untapped potential for networking within India to transform not just the business arena but the political too. This will help the two important groups political and business in India to better understand each other and to formulate how the country forges ahead to become a powerful player in the 1st world. Benefiting not just its own citizens but, the world at large. Indian businesses now need to connect with not just the international markets but, also each other across India helping each other with, be it suppliers of services or equipment BoB Clubs is the perfect arena for it. We see many clubs opening not just across India but, within each city too. This will be to make sure club members do not have to travel to far for club meetings (keeping in mind the traffic situation in most major cities is a nightmare) This is one part of your buiness life where because we operate an exclusive, one person per business category. All members are there to help each other develop in business. Link yourself to international markets through BoB Clubs in other countries. Make better sales with friendly advise from members who want to see you florish.

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Upcoming club meetings

There are no scheduled meetings for this club.

This BoB club is in formation and we are currently looking for founding members to secure their exclusive places so that the club can officially launch when we have 12 members. To secure your place all you have to do is pay the one-off registration fee. Annual membership becomes due when the club reaches 12 members and this is when your 12 months membership will commence.

Please send us an enquiry to find out more.