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4736 99 Street NW

Business Description

I am a Realtor with Schmidt Realty Group Inc.

We are a local non franchised Real Estate Group that emphasises on education and outstanding service to our clients. I absolutely love the "Love it or List it" guarantee where if in the first year of ownership if you do not love your new home we will list it minus our side of the fees for free. I care that much about what you purchase and I and my team will work hard to make sure you find the right home. 

As a listing specialist I also promise you will love your experience there as well and I firmly believe our company sets out to make you successful in the selling process unlike any other with extensive marketing services that INCLUDE interior design and staging advice along with PROFESSIONAL Real Estate photography that is much needed in todays market. 

I desire to be your trusted advisor when it comes to your most prolific investment - your home!

I am always available for a chat and if you have any questions about any aspect of real estate! Call me for a coffee and lets get together!