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Sunlife Financial Insurance & Financial Planning
1525 Carling Ave Suite 600
Ottawa Ontario
K1Z 8R9
An idea referral for me is a business owner at any stage of the business cycle from brand new to mature. Alternatively anybody who is looking to

Business Description

My roll with Sun Life is to work with small business owners. My work with small business owners includes the following:

-Estate Planning: Do you have a company that you want to sell, pass on to children or otherwise? Let me help you with that. Maybe you have income properties? Are you prepared for the capital gains that you or your estate is going to have to deal with? Let me help you with that.

-Tax Efficiency: This is a big part of what I do. Do you have retained earnings? How are you going to get them out? Are you the key person in your company? How can we protect the company and create an asset at the same time?

The possibilities are limitless and I can help you.

I absolutely love what I do and there is no substitute for passion. Helping you achieve your goals and enjoying the process is of utmost priority!

"Mark is selfless and puts his clients first. He really wants the best for you and to watch you succeed and only makes recommendations that are best for you. Not only his he trust worthy but he provides amazing results. I am so thrilled with the plan I have in place. I feel safe knowing that I'm moving forward in the direction I want and his guidance has supported me in understanding and knowing what action steps (big and small) that I can do right now towards my goals to ensure they are obtainable."

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