Debra Wutke, Red River College

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Red River College
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Red River College Management Development & Training
FM28F - 2055 Notre Dame Avenue
R3H 0J9
Adult learners unhappy in current career or seeking new career paths. Managers & Leaders in Business seeking professional development paths for selves

What's Happening?

Business Description

Red River College is a leader in applied learning and innovation. The School of Continuing Education boasts a talented team of employees who are passionate about education, innovation and student success in an atmosphere that supports personal and professional growth toward rewarding careers.

As the Program Manager for the Business and Management portfolio I'm responsible for the strategic and operational leadership of the portfolio in the administration, development, delivery, promotion, marketing and community liaison for programming. I create new programming concepts and support development for delivery to students, recruit subject matter experts to develop and teach new and existing course content and promote the portfolio contents through a rigorous marketing plan. I pursue strategic partnerships and appointments to steering and advisory committees as part of the development and maintenance of relevant programming. 

Accreditations & Qualifications

BBA, UW, (in progress), Masters Certificate in Business Analysis, Management Certificate, Human Resource Management Diploma, Masters Certificate in Project Management