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Business Description

Perfect Policies helps medium and large-size businesses rewrite their existing administrative policies so that they are clear, concise, and respectful to the people they are intended to govern.


Workshops and Presentations

lead policy writers through the steps required to organize their policies, directives, rules and guidance.

Topics include and exploration of

  • policy document types
  • appropriate content
  • the best writing style
  • standard elements, and
  • common policy writing errors.

Participants leave this workshop knowing

  • what belongs in a policy instrument and what doesn’t
  • how policies, directives, standards, and guidelines interact with one another,
  • how to write requirements properly, and
  • how to word rules in a way that’s respectful to the people affected.

Approach to the Topic

Lewis S. Eisen combines his legal background with years of policy writing to bring an intelligent and practical perspective to this subject. Reflective of the time-tested techniques used in writing legislation and in formal rule-making, he teaches a straight-forward approach to writing policy instruments that can be easily adapted to any organization wishing to standardize its documentation.


My Recommendations

Lewis offers an amazing service in helping clients become better organized. It's something that every business owner who wants to Improve their efficiency should consider. It's worth setting up an appointment, you will receive a great deal information that will help you grow your business.

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