Lethbridge BoB club

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Lethbridge Lodge
320 Scenic Drive
Lethbridge, AB T1J 4B4
T1J 4B4


Contact:Don O'Brien

"The typical person knows at least three hundred people by name. So the average person has a network of potentially 90,000 people. What would happen if just 10% of these people knew what you were doing, followed you and were able to refer you to business and employment opportunities?"

The Lethbridge Business Over Breakfast Club  understands the power of referrals and wants to help you grow your business in and around the Lethbridge area. We are a dynamic group eager to meet like minded individuals, come visit our meeting and see what BoB can do for you.

Our Club meets every two weeks.  A relaxed environment, promoting the power of referral marketing, helping everyone's business to grow and prosper. Become a member today.  

Contact me  Don O'Brien at don.obrien@bobclubs.com for more information or sign up today.

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Vacancies at this club

We still have vacancies for the following exclusive business categories:  All professions  are open.

  • Appraiser
  • Business Coach
  • Photographer
  • Web Developer
  • Designer
  • Computer Troubleshooter
    And many more.................

Members of this club

Andin Pavan
Sunlife Financial
Brooke Winarski
Business Development Bank
Carolyn Thomas
Mortgage Design Group
Darren Smith
Schooley Mitchell
Devin Wallace
Letourneau LLP
Don O'Brien
S & O Chartered Professional Accountants LLP
Geoff Sommerfeldt
Maxwell South Star Realty
Tyler Hirsche
Sunlife Financial